How to use the Calculator

Choosing the Right Quantity of Carpet or Flooring step by step

1. Choose the Colour you desire from the Dropdown Menu

The Colours available are listed as a dropdown. on Mobiles they appear as select buttons

2. On selecting Colour, Length and Width Boxes will appear

A larger image and thumbnail of the colour you selected will also be presented

3. Change Colour Selection if desired

If you wish to select another colour, simply click on the [clear] box. The Screen will return to the main image and thumbnails

4. The Width Box becomes a dropdown Menu

If more than one width is available for a Carpet, a dropdown selector box appears. Choose the Carpet width you desire

5. Select Length and Width Desired

After selecting Width, input Length needed. The total area  (L x W) is calculated and the price shown. We recommend adding 10% to your actual room size calculation, for wastage and offcuts.

6. The Product Quantity Box

In the Product Quantity Box, the figure 1 appears. Use the arrows to change product quantity if required. This will duplicate the initial order. So, if you require 2 x 20 sq.m of Carpet, this will change the order and corresponding price. This new price will be shown at the checkout If you only wish to order one area, leave the Product Quantity Box at 1.

7. The Checkout Pt.1

Once you are satisfied with you selection , click [ add to basket ]

8. The Checkout Pt.2

The Screen will now scroll up, to confirm your selection has been added to the Checkout. Click [ view basket ] to check you have made the right selection

9. The Checkout Pt.3

On clicking [ view basket ] you will be taken to the checkout screen. Here you can confirm your purchases, change quantity if required or cancel your selection

10. Cancelling Selections Pt.1

Please note, orders can be cancelled at any time by clicking on the Red Circle with the x symbol

11. Cancelling Selections Pt.2

Once the order is cancelled, you will be returned to the cart screen where your cancellation is confirmed. You can also uncancel the order if required, or return to the shop