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Hugh Mackay Safari Leopard

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Hugh Mackay Safari Leopard from Hugh Mackay Carpets. A fantastic quality wonderfully patterned 8×7 Axminster Animal print carpet woven from 80% Wool and 20% synthetic fibres & available in 4m widths. 3 styles available ; Ocelot , Leopard & Zebra

For those who wish to make a bold statement about success! Animal prints have long been a popular style for many reasons. They are generally expensive and considered rather exotic; hence they are a symbol of wealth and status. Throughout history, kings and other high people have used animal print rugs and such as a sign of status. Animal prints have this mystique about them harking back to primitive times. Animal prints scream success, power, aristocracy. The Hugh Mackay Safari range offers 3 Animal Prints Ocelot , Leopard & Zebra   in 4m Widths.

Room Suitability : Bedroom, Dining Room, Study, Living Room, Lounge

NB. The colours in this range can be varied, contact Moseley Interiors for further details