Choosing the right sofa will always make your relaxation time even better. Before you take the plunge, have a read of our Sofa FAQ’s.


Without sounding obvious, it’s vital that you measure the space you have for a sofa and also the size of your door frames. There is nothing worse than getting your sofa home to discover you can’t fit it through the door! Taping newspaper to the floor where your sofa would sit can help you accurately measure the space.  If you opt for a large sofa and are worried about placing it in your selected space please contact us for further advice

Colour & Style

Choosing the right colour and style is a great space-saving trick. Dark colours will naturally give a smaller space a cosier feel, while light colours will make your sofa appear larger. For a smarter look, you might consider other options, including “fixed” covers. If your sofa doesn’t have a removable cover, opt for a tight weave fabric, or Faux Leather (which wipes clean far easier than others) , or a mottled textural colour like a dark Brown that doesn’t show up the dirt and grime.

What function?

If you’ve got a large space or you’re away from home often, choosing the style, colour and material isn’t a problem. Add children and pets and things look a lot different. For easy to clean sofas, choose loose covered sofas

It’s not all about looks…

The inside of your sofa is equally as important as the outer, particularly if you’ve got children and the sofa will be worked hard. But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for rigid structures and hard lines.

Leather and Faux Leather Sofas

Leather has become increasingly popular recently and slightly battered vintage styles are a firm favourite. Besides being always on-trend, they wear extremely well if you look after them and adapt to the different seasons: cool in the summer but warm in the winter.

Fabric Sofas

If you love the feel of fabric and a touch of colour in your living room, then a fabric sofa is for you. With more options when it comes to styles, you can make a fashion statement or a focal point in your living room. Plus, these are easy to clean; simply wash the removable cover. 

It’s easy to add some personality and colour to your sofa – simply choosing a few cushions in your scheme of choice will transform the look of your room in no time. You can keep your sofa for many years, so these accessories are a great way to update your room, season to season

Mix and match

Nobody likes to be squeezed on one small sofa. Why not add a matching chair? Ideal for when you have some guests over or a whole family to sit in your living room. Many of our ranges have chairs available. Contact us if you see a range offered you’d like an additional chair for.

Caring for your New Sofa

How to give your Sofa a long and comfortable life..

Avoid dragging your upholstery, and place furniture gently in place when moving it to prevent damage

Protect wooden and delicate flooring from possible marking by feet or castors; make sure too that your product sits on a level floor to avoid rocking or damage to the frame

Avoid sitting on the arms of sofas and chairs as it will eventually distort the upholstery

Vacuum your upholstery once a week, as dust will cause wear on a fabric. Include the gaps between the seats and arms, and under and behind the cushions.

Maintain the shape of scatter cushions by shaking daily; cushion interiors will lose up to 25% of their volume in the first six months. Rotate seat and back cushions weekly to ensure even wear

To plump cushions effectively, place the cushion on one of its edges and beat the opposite side edge inwards with the flat of your hands  (the more vigorously, the better). Repeat on all four sides, giving each cushion a shake before smoothing the cover and replacing

Direct sunlight causes covers to fade and will weaken the fibres over a period of time. Try to keep the sofa out of direct light, and if not possible close curtains and blinds

Upholstery with fixed covers is designed to be cleaned whilst on the upholstery frame. We recommend that you use a professional cleaning company to clean your sofa, around every 12-18 months.

Remember to clean colour wash co-ordinated items at the same time

Always attend to spills immediately; we don’t recommend the use of chemical cleaners,so do try plain water first. If you do opt for stain removing products, always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines and try to test on a hidden area to make sure it doesn’t fade fabric

 Recliners have many moving parts and it’s normal for minor squeaks and creaks whilst in use. Take care when using the kickboard of your reclines, as you could damage it prematurely if you wear shoes while relaxing in it